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The K.O.M space saver spare wheel kit - offers reassurance for drives who have bought a vehicle without a spare wheel which is also known as a skinny or a temporary spare wheel. This is an aluminium wheel kit offered in 17” and is fitted with a 125/70R17 Continental tyre. Each kit is tailored to the listed vehicles specification. 


Kit contains:


1 x 17" Alloy wheel, 1 x 125/70R17 Continental tyre, 1 x 1.5 or 2 tonne scissor jack depending on application, 1 x zip up storage bag, 1 x Telescopic wheel wrench.

Please note the maximum legal speed limit for a vehicle fitted with a space saver wheel and tyre is 50mph / 80km/h.



17" AUDI A1 & S-LINE 2010 > 2017 K.O.M SPACE SAVER KIT & 125/70R17 CONTINENTAL T

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Features

    • Brand: K.O.M WHEEL
    • Width: Spare Wheel Diameter 23.9"
    • Tyre size: 125/70R17 Continental Tyre
    • Part code: FIVE40170010532I
    • Load rating: 750Kgs Per Wheel
    • Bolts: KOMAC20
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